About Us

Dreamhouse Estates was born of 35 years experience of property development and specifically of 20 years experience of letting and managing our own portfolio of properties all over London and the Home Counties

We hold the view that every Landlord should be treated as we liked to be treated when we instructed agents. We believe that all tenants deserve to be listened to and considered properly on all matters relating to their tenancy. We are dealing with a basic need : a suitable  and welcoming place to live where, as a tenant you can enjoy living at a property and as a landlord you can rest assured that your property will be well cared for and valued by the people living there and by the people looking after it on your behalf.

Our experience has taught us to be sensible, reasonable and above all conscientious about the things that matter to everyone involved in the letting process.

We have now decided to extend our considerable expertise in the rental market to cater for outside landlords as we believe we are uniquely positioned to help achieve a working relationship where all the parties involved get a fair deal and are happy with their choices in the long term. We are diligent with our reference and credit checks, we are fully involved with the day to day management of properties entrusted to us and we are proud to strive for the best solution to any problem. This, together with the application of correct policies and procedures, has been the key to our long and successful history to date. We trust this will be your experience with us too.